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Asset Version: 1.0.0
Last Published: Sep 12, 2017
By: Kony Team
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Asset Version: 1.0.0
Last Published: Sep 12, 2017
By: Kony Team
This MVC application showcases the abilities of Kony Fabric Engagement Server in a real world scenario with cloud storage as back-end. The work order application highlights developing omni-channel apps that use both the desktop web and mobile channels to create, approve, reject, notify, assign & request the work orders and also to view the reports of completed work-orders.

The use-case that is discussed in this application is work order management that has both desktopweb and mobile channels with following flow

  1. Display of the all the existing work orders on desktopweb.
  2. Creating a new work order and making sure that it can be seen in the list.
  3. Assigning a work order to a technician and making sure that the technician receives a notification.
  4. The technician accepts the workorder and making sure that the status of the work order is updated in dekstopweb and mobile.
  5. Sending out a work sheet reminder to all the technicians from desktopweb and displaying the same on the technician’s device.
  6. Turning off the subscription of a device when the technician explicitly turns it off on the device for example when leaving on a vacation.
  7. Creating and starting a campaign when the requesting a technician to accept a work order. Also making sure that the technicians in the geoboundary receives that notification.
  8. Ensuring that the status of the work order is updated after it is accepted by the technician, once the notification from the campaign is received.

Features used:

  1. MF Object services with cloud storage as backend.
  2. MF Engagement services(Push Notifications,Adding subscribers, Campaign, Location & Segment creations etc).
  3. Reports module using highcharts.
  4. Kony Reference Architecture

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